Interview with coach Arvydas Straupis

2021. jan. 15.
The year of 2020 is gone. Because of that, we asked the head coach of CBA-Veszprém, Arvydas Straupis to tell us a few things about this year.
- How did you spend the Christmas holiday?
I spent this time with my family just like every year.
- How is the life in Hungary? What is the difference between being here and your home country?
- Actually, the life is good in Hungary. I like it. I visited a lot of countries working as player and coach and I can say that I feel comfortable to live here. You have beautiful nature, nice cities and open-minded people. It reminds me Lithuania a lot. There is not big difference for me being here or my country. Yes, maybe I don’t have my family, home and best friends here but I have basketball practices and talented kids. The same daily routine in Hungary or Lithuania or Gran Canaria.
- Which things you like the most in Hungary?
- I really like Lake Balaton and the cities around it. Budapest is something amazing. I would say it is one of the top three cities in Europe. I can mention Veszprem as well. However, it is a small but city but the old town is very attractive. Food is excellent in some places. I really love “gulash”.
- You were a coach at the academy in Tenerife. How can you compare the two academies?
- There is no big difference in my opinion. The only difference is the academy in Veszprem is at the early stage comparing to Tenerife’s academy and the COVID situation does not allow to our players and organization to do their best in 2020.

- We had a summer camp this summer. How was it?
- In my opinion all coaches and the organization did very good job for this first-time camp. I still receive feedbacks about this camp from players and they want to come back next year. That is the best that can happen with us and this kind of camps for the future. I think that people who worked in the camp must be happy that the players from different countries want to come back. I believe we achieve our and the players’ goals in these kind of camps.
- The COVID-19 affected Hungary as well. How has it changed your work?
- A lot. It is also changed in a global way. We changed our work style and we hope it will stop soon.
- Why would you recommend the CBA academy for a young player?
- Because we focus on different things with different style than the others. We put much more attention on small details for shooting, dribbling, passing, mentality and many other things. The key to come to work with us is the individual development for the players by mixing Lithuanian, Spanish, USA style of preparation.
- What is the biggest thing you achieved as a coach?
- The best achievement for myself as a coach is that I helped so many players to reach their goals and fulfill their dreams. I still hope to help even more of them because basketball is my lifestyle.
- What does make someone a great player?
- In my opinion if you want to become a great player you have to have at first the character; second the discipline and the third one is all the other things like talent, body and etc.
- What are your plans for 2021?
- We have a lot of players in the academy and the plan is to help them as much as I can to improve them the most.